Oberlin College
Oberlin, OH
Cox Hall Restoration
Peters Hall Renovation
Elm Street Student Housing Renovation
Alumni Association Offices
Art Gallery
Wilder Hall Renovation
Finney Chapel Interior Design
Carnegie Library Building Renovation
Mudd Learning Center Renovation

We have planned and designed numerous projects for Oberlin College, ranging from the restoration of the administration building to the design of the new alumni association offices in a LEED Gold development.

Recently, we planned the renovation of the historic Carnegie Library building which now houses Admissions offices and the Geology Department to enable the college to apply for NSF grants.

The assignment included the detailed investigation of the building to assure that the extensive utility infrastructure for the department laboratories could be routed in the modest spaces above original plaster ceilings and around beams to preserve the original Root Reading Room, which is the college’s hearth space, hosting special events and weddings.

Our renovation of the Wilder hall student center included incorporating a new tiered film theatre into the historic structure.
“We are not used to receiving estimates as detailed and accurate as those we receive from Eberhard Architects.”

Nick Bobulsky, Senior Project Manager
Oberlin College