FIRM - Profile
Eberhard Architects LLC is an integrated architectural and interior design firm with a substantial value-adding proposition. We believe that design must be driven by clearly defined client objectives, which require discreet design criteria. Unlike design professionals who attempt to hide in a realm of architecture labeled ‘art,’ Eberhard Architects LLC is a program-based firm that dogmatically pursues a design process that is authentic and comprehensive. This accounts for the exemplary results that the firm has attained over time for its clients – substantial measured productivity gains, increased sales, improved employee wellness and retention, and the pride of place that comes from the ‘art’ of the skillful integration of architecture and interior design. Most firms are dominated by either architects or interior designers. Those dominated by architects reflect buildings typically designed external to client functional criteria, resulting in low functionality and imbalance in the proportional cost/ quality of materials and systems. Firms lead by interior designers produce projects designed from the inside-out that are functional but often lacking in curb appeal which often reflect imbalance in materials and systems because "design" or "style" is often tacked on as an after-thought.

Our projects look different from one another. In our practice, we meet clients on their level and address their needs, their site, their image considerations and competitive factors, their functional tasks or sales/ marketing needs. Our process first determines needs to identify the appropriate response for the project conditions in lieu of re-hashing the grammar of our last project for the next client whose needs, site, program and resources are unique.

Our Principals are experienced registered Architects and certified Interior Designers. We practice the integration of Architecture and Interior Design. And Lighting Design. And Graphic Design. And Product Design. We excel at technology integration and sustainability. Our skill in managing costs is superior. Our experience indicates that ‘value engineering’ is the term for the failure of design and contracting parties to effectively manage a project’s scope, quality and cost, which invariably removes quality to reduce cost. Our projects are developed with comprehensive estimates at the early stages so that the project’s scope and cost is forecast accurately from the very onset of the project. Our projects are managed by Principals and experienced Project Managers, who stay with the project from inception through completion and warranty administration. We work hard to avoid baton passes.
"Every organization is made up of people, procedures, equipment, and values. Value-added performance requires leadership and focus. Bill and his firm have helped us immeasurably with macro and micro strategic issues at the highest professional level. They are responsive always, and are a delight to work with because of how they develop and focus their people, from top to bottom."

Barry Goldberg, Director of Special Projects
Covia Partnership/ Apollo Travel Services
Chicago, IL
“Working with Bill Eberhard was educational and enjoyable, and the innovative design has proven remarkable in its effect on our operations, productivity and the pride within our organization. As a result of Bill’s design for our new offices, our productivity increase was measured at a verified 4.8%, and our net income increased 11.6%!”

Diana Yount, Director of Facilities
Capitol Financial Group