FIRM - Sustainability
We have been committed to sustainability since 1993, long before it became popular or even a legible initiative within the design professions.

For the Wayne Dalton Headquarters project, Eberhard called for certified wood veneers from non-rain forest sources for all doors, millwork and furniture on the project to keep the project from contributing to deforestation of the rain forests. Since certification was not possible at that time, Eberhard traveled to Europe with the veneer broker to hand select the veneers and confirm for himself and the client that the objectives were met.

Contractors have told us that we were the first to specify plastic laminates made with stainless steel face plates instead of paper, which reduces landfill contribution and post-industrial carpet backing, which is now the standard in the industry. We were the first in the region and among of handful of firms nationally that will specify veneers for doors, millwork and furniture from the same logs to minimize waste.

We have condemned greenwash and are capable of and committed to engaging in a dialogue with clients about their values and ability to embrace sustainability. This requires that we be able to inform on the relative cost of the many alterative ways in which sustainability can be achieved - and we are - which requires that we enable clients to make informed decisions about their project - and their budget.

We believe that sustainability means a great deal more than the point-mongering system associated with LEED certification. Since 2006, we have successfully completed over 1,000,000 sf of LEED-certifiable projects.

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