Waetgen Center Renovation
Cleveland State University

Cleveland, OH
12,000 sf

The Waetgen Center at Cleveland State University houses the Music and Communications departments. The main performance hall had a series of accessibility and sight line issues. We reshaped the stage to successfully reconcile these challenges.

The more compelling compositional challenge was the integration of the new Drinko Organ - a Holdkamp Organ Co. design and construction. Collaborating with Chick Holdkamp, we designed a series of wooden lofts to gracefully integrate the pipes in an attempt to balance symmetry with acoustical integrity. The ‘shelves’ are L-shaped and hold selected pipe groupings with the remainder concealed behind, steeping up and over the organ console, concealed when not in use The new woodwork is executed in cherry to warm the original cool natural maple in the space.
“I love the drawings! I love the service!”

Richard Thomas AIA
Campus Architect
Cleveland State University