University Circle Hazel Ave.

Cleveland, OH
52,350 sf

University Circle Inc. issued an RFP to developers for condominium housing on a site on Hazel Ave., adjacent to the Cleveland Institute if Music (CIM) and the Western Reserve Historical Society. Our client is a developer of student housing and was encouraged by UCI to submit a proposal.

Our design provided 39 four-bed and eight two-bed suites with pairs of two-bedroom units sharing a communal living/ dining space, with two bathrooms per unit.

The clean, modern Magnolia House to the northeast and the contemporary design of the original and new CIM elements calls for a contemporary design that avoids the false pastiche of New Urbanism forms. The sweeping curves of the new Charles Young- designed CIM additions are respected with a curving facade of the corner mass to relate affirmatively and present a soft, inviting form to students and UCI guests. Additionally, the corner mass contains the student lounge elements on each floor, creating an occupancy with legible activity on all three levels at this important corner to reveal the vitality of UCI and reinforce safety and security.

The project’s design anticipates meeting LEED Platinum standards.