Custom Modern Homes
2,300 - 6,000 sf

Our client believes that the kind of new homes typically constructed in the US do not reflect the real tastes of modern couples and families who drive sleek modern cars, use sleek high-tech computing and telecommunications equipment and do ‘not want their father’s home.

Our charge was to develop a series of stock modern home designs that appeared to be ‘custom’ and could be sold to developers with models and a sales kiosk to enable them to provide a broader range of product offerings to their prospective clients, while still delivering a stick-built home within their knowledge base and cost comfort zone.

A series of prototype designs were developed that contemplated narrow lots as well as conventional suburban and ex-urban settings. The designs feature sustainable low-maintenance materials and simple white planes to make the scale of spaces read larger than they are. Token formal living rooms are eliminated in favor of the great rooms people want today, making the scale and cost of the homes competitive.