The Condominiums at Erieview
Cleveland, OH
80,000 sf

Encouraged by inquiries and inspired by Chicago’s lakefront residential towers, the owner of the Erieview Galleria/ Tower complex asked us to design a vertical addition to the the office tower for condominium living.

At 38 stories, putting a ‘crown’ on of the the city’s tallest buildings was a fascinating challenge. A rigorous investigation of mechanical systems indicated that the massive chiller/ boiler complex atop the building could be removed and operating expenses reduced by converting to central chilled water and steam utility services, freeing this space up for a fitness center and other amenities.

Structural analysis indicated that rather than gravity load limitations which would have permitted an additional seven floors, the twisting or added sway from additional wind loads due to the addition would limit the comfort factor to contain the addition’s size to five additional floors. Elevator access and security were accomplished by converting two hoistways in the high rise bank to two-story cabs.

The curtain wall from the office tower was extended and vertical LED lights added at columns to nest the crown on to the base building and distinguish the building at night. Two rooftop beacons add to the image impact at night.