Heinen’s Village Market
Hudson, OH
25,000 sf

NAIOP Architectural Project of the Year

Hudson, OH zealously values its Federalist/ Georgian vernacular with zoning laws and narrow architectural standards.

Heinen’s sought a facility that is convenient to shoppers, provides 80% of the weekly shopper’s items in a footprint only 35% the size of a typical store, emphasizes key departments that are quality “points of difference” between Heinen’s and their competitors, incorporate functions not in other stores, including a Wine Bar, Tapas, Salad and Sandwich Bars for made-to-order products for busy shoppers and create an atmosphere that is decidedly different and is appropriate to the upscale shopper demographic.

To maximize customer convenience, a center island features all Prepared Foods, Service Meat, Seafood, Bakery, Deli, and Soup/ Salad/ Sandwich Bars. Grocery aisles were arranged perpendicular to the center island with facings reduced in number and sized to meet sku targets. Refrigeration and mechanical equipment is in an areawell on the roof, with sloping roofs creating a clerestory to bring daylight to the interior so the roof height to equal that of neighboring homes. The project was designed to LEED Silver standards.