Heinen’s Renovation
University Heights, OH
44,000 sf

AIA Ohio Design Award

This existing store was the smallest in the chain and featured a lamella laminated wood barrel vaulted roof. Only seven such structures survive in the US for most were constructed without metal ties to enable the waffle to withstand heavy snow loads. In the interest of ‘progress’ in the 1960’s, a lay-in ceiling had been constructed beneath the wood with harsh glaring high intensity lighting.

To create a warm and inviting shopping experience, we removed the false ceiling, cleaned up sprinkler piping and electrical distribution and lit the store’s central grocery area with direct/ indirect high-output color-corrected fluorescent lighting.

Convenience was again maximized by placing high-traffic departments adjacent to the entry. These areas project from and pull back from the structural soffit line of the roof ties, with colored drywall soffits and strong 3-D graphics to identify specialty departments.

Staff work areas were re-oriented so staff face customers to promote visual/ verbal contact and the highest levels of customer service.