Heinen’s Addition & Renovation
Bainbridge, OH
54,000 sf

IIDA Regional Design Award

Integrating the Heinen’s brand design and experience to this existing store was extremely challenging. A prior expansion had placed short single-story support areas at the stores perimeter where high-impact convenience meal solutions and prepared foods wanted to be adjacent to the entry.

Despite the cost and schedule implications, the client supported raising the roof - literally building a new exterior L-shaped section while the store underneath remained in operation and then taking down the smaller ‘interior store’ to reveal the new high-bay space that emphasized the functions and departments that differentiate Heinen’s from its competitors.

A cookline and café element were integrated immediately adjacent to the main entry with a line-up of prepared foods, deli, bakery, service meat and seafood and wine providing the drama to slingshot customers to convenience items, while keeping the traditional produce and grocery areas in tact.

Seasonal displays are integrated atop island merchandisers that keep sight lines open to the prepared foods and service counters.