Avon, OH
54,000 sf

IIDA Regional Design Award
NAIOP Regional Design Award

The new store allowed us to refine space planning and product layout relationships to develop a balanced spacing of departments. As a result, the store was planned from the inside-out, with strong differentiation between departments within a cohesive whole. As a space-time experience, this store provides a balanced shopping experience with regular stimuli to differentiated service, products and functions. At the same time, we controlled scale to make the shopping experience convenient for customers.

A simple grammar of elements and lighting scenes are integrated to present an upscale market experience, where the “reading” of layered information on product locations is quick, easy and fun. Inexpensive drywall soffits at the perimeter of the store are backdrops for accent colors and strong iconic 3-D graphics to define department locations. Flooring accents, awnings and shaped ceilings in the retail areas differentiate departments and functions.

Convenience was maximized by placing high-traffic departments adjacent to the entry. Staff work areas were re-oriented so staff face customers to promote visual/ verbal contact and the highest levels of customer service. A two-level Café was integrated to allow customers choice and support group functions.
“Eberhard Architects has a superior knowledge and data base of project costs. They have an  understanding of the MEP elements of a job as well as an accurate opinion of the probable costs. They are able to coordinate and direct our activities and design elements to avoid "bid day" surprises. Their knowledge of costs also allows an efficient and effective evaluation of alternative methods and content to achieve the best design solution, while creating high design spaces within defined budget limits.”

Joseph F. Denk, Jr., President
Denk Associates, Inc.