Brecksville, OH
64,000 sf

IIDA/IESNA Regional Design Award
IIDA/ IESNA National Award of Merit

This regional grocer engaged us to align its retail facilities with its Strategic Business Plan. This began with an assessment of the current store and merchandising designs and strategies. To convey client commitment to customers and articulate key strategic “points of difference,” design strategies that made shopping and eating easier, quicker and more fun emerged.

Key departments were each given an identity that permitted their distinction, with color and lighting employed to develop a “whole” defined by the sum of the parts. Throughout, projecting colored soffits and 3- D signage announce departments, with low voltage halogen lighting to accentuate product and deliver excitement.

The exterior features familiar materials of brick and stone to respect the city’s Federalist vernacular. Yet large shaded glass areas enhance the legibility of the store and its exciting interior. Principal Bill Eberhard was conceptual design architect for the building, and the building shell construction documents were prepared by the developer’s architect.
“Eberhard Architects strongly benefits from the retention of long time staff. Working relationships are predictable and comfortable. A project benefits from the efficiency of communication that has been developed and the knowledge and experience that is effortlessly transferred from project-to-project.”

Joseph F. Denk, Jr., President
Denk Associates, Inc.