Heinen’s cafes
Northeast OH

Heinen’s has 18 stores in greater Cleveland and is now venturing into Chicago. Heinen’s emphasizes prepared foods, food custody, fresh produce and meal solutions and is thus distinguished from conventional distribution-oriented big box retail grocers.

In addition to store design that emphasizes Heinen’s ‘points of difference,’ cafes are incorporated where possible to address the shopper retail experience which may include an interest to stop and sample prepared foods or have a meal on the go.

Cafes range from 3500 - 5500 sf and typically include 75-90 seats. The areas sport wood-impregnated vinyl flooring and sturdy but comfortable seating to balance appearance and maintenance. Strong colors are also the norm to give spaces a distinctive character that also differentiates Heinen’s from fast food outlets.
“All of Eberhard Architects’ spaces sparkle- McKinsey, Hanna, Dollar Bank, Greater Cleveland Partnership, even Heinen’s Headquarters and stores - they are all beautiful spaces created out of sometimes very average buildings.”

Joseph F. Denk, Jr., Principal
Denk Associates Inc.