McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Cleveland, OH
35,000 sf

IIDA Regional Design Award
IIDA/ IESNA Regional Design Award
NAIOP Regional Design Award

Corporate Interiors No. 5
The relationship between Principal Bill Eberhard and McKinsey began in 1983 and has included six projects. The most recent was decidedly transformational and involved non-traditional space standards to achieve McK’s space utilization goals.

In response to the selected building’s large perimeter columns, the design’s space plan established space standards that maximized efficiency and flexibility so that conference rooms, consultant and partner offices were derived from the same geometry.

Sustainability results exceeded LEED Gold standards with recycled aluminum, yogurt cups and other innovative material uses. Moderately sizes spaces appear larger through the use of various types of glass with rooms flowing from one to another. Both visual privacy and translucency are achieved with cast glass and electronic privacy glass that goes from transparent to translucent when electrical current is interrupted.
“Bill Eberhard and his firm did an outstanding job in working with our firm real estate experts in designing our new office in which we reduced our square footage per person by almost 50 percent over our former standards. In the process, they worked collaboratively with us in establishing a modular set of space and furniture standards that serve us very well right now and which we will be able to employ economically on an ongoing basis as we reconfigure to accommodate growth.

At the same time, they helped us by creating a terrific blend of individual and shared work spaces that are wonderful to work in and extremely productive. To put it simply, our staff is ecstatic with our new space and the work Bill and his staff have done. And we are notoriously hard to please.”

Jeff Sinclair, Managing Director
McKinsey & Company, Inc.