LRMR Marketing
Cleveland, OH
8,000 sf

IIDA Regional Design Award

Legal Management magazine
Most everyone knows of LeBron James (LRMR). But few know of the brand strategy and management firm or his three partners that comprise LRMR Marketing. LRMR sought an efficient and cost-effective office design that would:
  • Support their non-traditional work patterns;
  • Facilitate interaction/ collaboration/ teamwork;
  • Foster creativity;
  • Reflect the urban culture that the four partners all came from;
  • Reflect “stewardship” out of respect for James Family Foundation activities, also housed in the facility;
  • Project a distinctive brand identity separate from that of LeBron James, the NBA star.

In the design of their offices, Partner Maverick Carter (LRMR) and the design Principal discussed the balance of function and image needed in establishing LRMR’s own unique brand identity. “Non-traditional,” “youthful,” “hip,” “urban” were easy words, but with ambiguous meanings. When Carter said that he felt that the space had to support serious work but should also have an edge, the design Principal asked, “You mean the kind of space that would make attorneys uncomfortable?”
Carter beamed and shouted, “Yeah! Exactly!”