Smoky Hollow Gateway
Youngstown, OH
5 acres

The City of Youngstown begged our client to come back to the table five years after being told that another developer was selected to implement their Wick District Master Plan. In five years, the selected developer built nothing.

Our client challenged us to develop a multi-generational housing solution on a site identified by the city. That site dropped 32 feet from the entry to Smoky Hollow off Rayen Ave, to the bottom of the hill.

Concerned that the development support pedestrian connections to Wick Ave., we placed both residential types atop parking structured wedged into the hillside. We exploited one elevator and stair along with exterior walkways and stairs to create a pleasant and easy to navigate path for students and seniors to walk to Wick Ave. to use the public library, legacy churches, museums and Youngstown State academic facilities.