Midtown Technology Center
Master Plan

Cleveland, OH
88 acres

We were retained by a commercial real estate broker and Cleveland Tomorrow to explore the possibilities to develop a technology district for technology research, development and production for medical enterprises in Midtown Cleveland. Our design creates an identifiable district around an urban courtyard plaza and geothermal field for heating and cooling for the campus. A mix of office, lab and manufacturing/ production spaces are organized around pedestrian axes to shared conference and amenity elements at the urban courtyard, including childcare and wellness centers.

To optimize the site and achieve the developable areas targeted, structured parking was located at the perimeter, skillfully woven into the existing viable businesses o remain. The create safe, efficient movement and segregate user from delivery traffic, we closed selected north/ south streets to develop the larger footprints and structural bay spacings required to support the 1.5 billion sf development.

Design guidelines respect the area’s vernacular of brick envelopes with stone trim at openings.