University Triangle
Cleveland, OH
40 acres

The planning and design for this project was prepared for a local developer interested in a cohesive approach to valuable real estate adjacent to Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University. The site is bounded on the south by an elevated railroad/ transit right of way and Fairhill Boulevard to the east, and the Cleveland Clinic and John Hay High School form northern and western edges. The 88-acre site was looked upon as a mixed use urban neighborhood with a scaled transition of facility uses and types.

Large multi-family properties transition to townhomes and single family detached urban lots to connect with the area’s existing residential fabric to the east. Large lab/ office buildings and a central parking structure were located to the north for the university and hospital science and technology programs. As transition elements to the residential neighborhood to the south, office/ production facilities were proposed for businesses that would graduate from the University Circle incubators who have no place to move to while remaining close to the UCI institutions.