Deloitte Consulting Group
Cleveland, OH
25,000 sf

Corporate Interiors No. 5
Legal Management magazine
This top tier consulting firm engaged us to develop and implement a new officing paradigm. While other Deloitte offices had attempted “hoteling,” none had successfully accommodated the work tasks of its constituents, particularly during surge occupancies. After studying other locations, we proposed a solution that emphasized work tasks instead of hierarchical considerations. While Partners retained perimeter offices, they were designed with glass fronts to enhance collaboration - a critical client objective.

Staff reserve a space based on the type of work they need to perform, choosing from enclosed offices, open plan work stations, and Personal Harbors, all deployed in “neighborhoods.” Drop-in work stations at the building’s corners allow daylight to the interior zones throughout the space.

Team rooms support displayed thinking with full-height writing surfaces and desktop power, telephone and data
"We achieved very aggressive space standards yet gave people choice in their workplace. Now our offices are viewed as the best in the country and other offices are emulating what Bill’s firm created for us. We are delighted and proud, and I’m in the service business and know what a challenge we were.”

Donald De Camera, Managing Partner
Deloitte Consulting Group